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Cologne, Dom, Building, Cologne Cathedral, Monument
Antwerp, Cathedral Of Our Lady, Church, Steeple, City
Man, Binoculars, Outlook, Steeple, Telescope
Sunset, Glauchau, Lobsdorf, Church, Steeple, Tower
Christmas, Christmas Market, Nicholas, Santa Claus
Church, Chapel, Winter, Small Church, Steeple
Stave Church, Norway, Places Of Interest, Wooden Church
Speyer, Dom, Rhine, City Of Speyer, Historically
Gothic, The Cathedral, Church, Monument, Architecture
Church, Bodega, Steeple, California, Historic, Religion
Linz, Austria, City, Culture, Home, Church, Old Town
Church, Steeple, Sunset, Light, Sky, Architecture
Current, Steeple, Strommast, Energy, Winter
Church, Stone, Masonry, Building, Stones, Scree
Church, Chapel, Small Church, Steeple
Winter, Steeple, Snow, Snowy, Architecture, Snow Magic
Church, Tomb, Invalides, Building, Paris, France, Old
St Mary's Church, Berlin, Building, Architecture
Church, Sky, Clouds, Long Exposure, Blue, Steeple
Parish Church, Collegiate Church, Roman Catholic
Münsterland, Westfalen, Rural, Typical, Agriculture
Munich, Isar, St Maximilian, Church Steeples, River
Abendstimmung, Landscape, Church, Sunset, Autumn
Church, Cathedral, St Augustine, Florida, Steeple
Church, Cathedral, St Augustine, Florida, Steeple
Church, Cathedral, St Augustine, Florida, Steeple
Church, Cathedral, St Augustine, Florida, Steeple
Church, Cathedral, St Augustine, Florida, Steeple
Church, Trees, Steeple
Church Steeples, City Church, Bayreuth, Upper Franconia
Building, Church, Night, Dark, Mood, Architecture
Building, Church, Night, Dark, Mood, Architecture
Fulda, Dom, Sky, Lantern, Church, Steeple, Landmark
Hersfeld, Tower, Wall, Architecture, Historically, Old
Building, Church, France, Steeple
Dom, Magdeburg, Hubbrücke, Elbe, Night Photograph
Magdeburger Dom, Dom, Church, Night, Illuminated
Balloon, Party, Carnival, Move, Sky, Church, Steeple
Chapel, John Chapel, Church, Church Clock, Steeple
Dom, Cologne, Landmark, Rhine, Evening
Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany, Romantic, Church, City
Munich, Church, Clock Tower, Landmark, City, Bavaria
Church, Church Steeples, Towers, City Church, Faith
Regensburg, Bridge, Danube, City, Mood, Germany
Neustädter Kirche, Steeple, Clock Tower, Architecture
Bell, Roof Truss, Steeple
Church, Sunset, Steeple
Hotel, Home, Clock, Villa, Building, Steeple, Time Of
Regensburg, Bridge, Danube, City, Germany, City Trip
Limburger Dom, Limburg, Dom, Lahn
Rhine, Fog, Mood, Sunrise, Germany, Rest, Nature
Russian Chapel, Vrsic Pass, Slovenia
Steeple, Sky, Sun, Church, Cross, Spire, Blue
Church, Steeple, Architecture, Building, Old, Chapel
Church, Christian, Holy, Prayer, God, Catholic
Church, Christian, Holy, Prayer, God, Catholic
Baltimore, Steeple, Church
Cologne, Rheinland, Rhine, River, Germany, Architecture
Church, Resin, Germany, Religion, Architecture
Church, Spire, Steeple, Building, Architecture, London
Lodano, Ticino, Steeple, Church, Tourism, Switzerland
Bern, Night, Old Town, Church, Rose Garden, View
Leipzig, Nikolai Church, Landmark, Places Of Interest
Big Ben, London, England, Elizabeth Tower, Westminster
Steeple, Rhaeto Romanic, Church, Shingle
Place, City, Steeple, Gothic, Church, Historically
Steeple, Rhaeto Romanic, Gothic, Church, Historically
St Maximilian, Church, Catholic Parish Church
Great, Roof, Spire, Sky, Pointed, Weathervane, Brick
Dramatic, Nördlingen, City, Homes, Truss, Architecture
Dramatic, Nördlingen, City, Homes, Truss, Architecture
Holy Cross Church, Steeple, Giesing, Munich, Night
Martin Church, Kassel, Church, Tower, Building, Steeple
Steeple, Church, Building, Chemnitz, Saxony, Old
Church, Spring, Easter, Flowers, Dogwood, Bloom, Sky
Steeple, Bell, Sky, Spire
Church, Steeple, Blutenburg, Munich, Obermenzing
Church, Steeple, Blutenburg, Munich, Obermenzing
Sky, Clouds, Church, Steeple, Moody, Blue, Nature
Church, Steeple, Blutenburg, Munich, Obermenzing
Regensburg, Dom, Panorama, Danube, Sky, Sunbeam, Church
Church, Evening, Sky, Architecture, Abendstimmung
Steeple, Spire, Church, Sky
Neustädter Kirche, Gain, Middle Franconia, Swiss Francs
Steeple, Sky, Blue, Clouds, Church, Building, Spires
Huguenot Church, Huguenot Place, Gain, Church, Steeple
Gain, Huguenot Church, Christianity, Faith, Religion
Landshut, Brick Church, Steeple, Brick, Brick Kirchtum
Church, Bavaria, Sky, Catholic, Steeple, Germany, Tower
Steeple, Clock, Tower, Travel, Building, Historic, Town
Bridge, City, Old Bridge, Homes, River, Architecture
Church, Luther, Martin Luther, Protestant, Germany
Church, Steeple, House Of Worship, Forest, Reported
Munich, Frauenkirche, Marienplatz, Statue, Bavaria
Abbey, Maria Forest, Eifel, Heimbach, Monks, Building
Sunset, Church, Mirroring, Water, Steeple, Sky, Romance
Village, Landscape, Bavaria, Germany, Nature
Salzburg, Dom, Dom' Church Tower, Church
Sunrise, Church, Christianity, Mood, Sky
Church, Germany, Building, Steeple, Architecture, Tower
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